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Newest Addition!

Saturday I went to an auction in Amish country, and while browsing the rows of saddles, furniture, buggies, lamps, and the assortment of oddities, I found a few rows in the back that had nothing but animals. There were Geese, Hens, Roosters, Guinea Fowl, Turkey's and other assorted birds and a few bunnies. Then, at the very very end of the very last row, was the most beautiful rabbit, and it was love at first sight.

I waited for 5 hours for the other auctions to end, and another 2 hours for all the other animals to sell. I bid against a man who wanted to kill her and eat her, and finally won her at $16.

She's a 1 year old Doe, who has had one little litter (Who were also sold at the auction). She's a Flemish Giant and Lionhead cross, and one of the most sweet rabbits I have ever seen. She even rode around in the cart today at the feed store when I went to go get her a bottle, feeder, and some hay.

I thought about it all day today, and my boyfriend and I decided to call her Claudia de Fluffe...after one of our favorite little child vampires from one of our favorite movies.

Now a question: I have another bunny...wat's the best way to introduce them after a couple weeks have gone by, so Claudia can settle in to her new home?
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Collection Update it is. My tiny tiny collection. Most of this collection consists of gifts from Ochibawolf, but a couple of things I found on my own. Everything is show here, except for my one Volume of Stars, and my Sailor Moon R DVD.

It's not a very pretty way to display it...but all my other space is filled with Civil War stuff. Comments are always welcome...but please be easy on me...I'm still just starting out. ^^;

(This was posted on smcollector, but I posted too many times in 3 days, oops! ^^)
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(no subject)

Ok...I have a problem, and I need help! I'm on the search for the Professor Layton games for my DS, for somewhat cheap (less than $20 after shipping). However, Paypal is sucking hardcore, and won't allow me to send money. So where ever I would be able to get these games, would have to allow me to pay with my debit card or with a money unless someone would let me borrow them, I'm forced to buy them under crazy circumstances.

These are the games if anyone happens to know where I can get them:

The first in the series.

The second one.

The third one...
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(no subject)

So....I'm not sure why, but I'm on a HUGE SM Bento craze right now. The ones I find are so expensive...but SOOO pretty. It doesn't help that I would need two if I decided to get some (one for collecting, one for eating lunch out of ^^;)

Here are a few of the ones I'm loving right now:

I'm in LOVE with this Sailor Moon Stars Bento kit. Look at the art!

This is just so cute. ^^

I want to sit down at lunch at my college cafeteria and bust out this entire thing! I already have the center Bento box, but it justs sits there on it's shelf and looks pretty. I can't bring myself to eat out of it...even though I now have tons of bento molds. >.<

As I get ready to go I'll leave you all with this girl's EPIC SM bento skills.
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To Start...

I guess I'll post a couple of things at a time from my collection, just so I can get it out there. ^^ Bear with me, since my collection is rather pathetic and very small...but I so love everything in it. <3

This started it all. I saw this book poking out of the top of a dumpster one day on my way back from school, and I pulled it out. It had a clear cover on it, and had only a little wear. I fell in love with Sailor Moon all over again after reading the manga. This is the only book of the manga I have, Stars or one day I would like to get the rest as well. It's not much or a start, but the day I found that manga made me happier than I had been in a VERY long time.
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Ok, so I only created this LJ for one reason, and one alone: My Sailor Moon additction. I will only post in this journal when it has something to do with my small Sailor Moon Collection, or my attempts to aquire something for said collection.

That out of the way, I would appreciate all the help I could in determining the value and the origin...and even the name of some of my items. I'm new to collecting, but a fan of the series since I was a any help would be wonderful. ^^

I will be posting pictures of my individual items, their condition, etc.